About Food Science Copenhagen

Food Science Copenhagen is a strategic collaboration which brings together the key food, nutrition and veterinary research environments at the University of Copenhagen and DTU, Technical University of Denmark.

A strategic collaboration within the food, nutrition and veterinary areas at the University of Copenhagen and DTU, Technical University of Denmark, is a logical consequence of the fact that, for many years, the two universities have shared study programmes within the field of food, that the University of Copenhagen’s and DTU, Technical University of Denmark’s research accounts for the majority of all food research in Denmark, and that there is a long tradition at both organisations for collaborating with the business community.  

Under the auspices of Food Science Copenhagen, work relating to education and research will take place, and there will be a wealth of possibilities for cooperating with businesses and other research institutions within, for example, sustainable food production, health, diet, nutrition, food safety and control, food quality and animal welfare and health.

Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating or if you require further information. 

17 DECEMBER 2018