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21 MAR

Detecting salmonella in pork meat twice as fast

A new method developed at the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, halves the time it takes slaughterhouses to test for disease-causing salmonella...

Food, fish and agriculture Bacteria and microorganisms Food safety
02 MAR

DTU share in EU recognition of four chemicals as endocrine disruptors

Following a proposal from Denmark, the EU in February 2017 decided to recognize four phthalates as human endocrine disruptors. The National Food Institute, Technical...

Food safety Health and diseases
24 FEB

Dead birds around the clock

Since November 2016, more than 60 cases of bird flu have been reported in Denmark. DTUavisen has visited DTU Vet , where the dead birds undergo post mortem examination...

Food, fish and agriculture
23 FEB

The body does not absorb genetic material from our food

A study from the National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark, finds no evidence that genetic material from food is absorbed in the human body where it would...

Genes and genomes Food, fish and agriculture
16 FEB

Technological 'hot or not' in 2017

Five female researchers gaze into the crystal ball and give their views on which technologies they believed will ‘predominate’ and which will fade into obscurity in the...

Biotechnology and biochemistry Environment and pollution Information technology Physics
14 FEB

Conference on global solutions to food safety challenges

The GoFood conference will focus on global solutions to some of the world's most pressing food safety challenges. The National Food Institute, Technical University of...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety
26 JAN

Millions for research into antibiotic resistance and better drugs

In a press release issued today, the Novo Nordisk Foundation reveals that it is grating a total of DKK 300 million (EUR 40 million) to five ambitious research projects...

Cells Synthetic biology Genes and genomes Medical equipment and systems Health and diseases
26 JAN

Towards global surveillance of antimicrobial resistance

Analysis of waste water from 100 countries worldwide will be used to monitor the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance in up to half the world’s population. This is...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Health and diseases
24 JAN

Learn more about how One Health makes the world healthier

Students from all over the world will spend part of their summer in Denmark learning how the One Health concept is used to tackle challenges related to the health of...

Food, fish and agriculture Food safety Livestock diseases

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25 MARCH 2017